A new and most important emerging alignment in decades – many companies have not game planned for this.


Alignment of Social, National and Global Governance is paramount now. It’s not just Millennials who want this, its Gen Z too.


Mentoring is a key emerging skill for executive leadership. Leaders have lacked the skill’s to motivate and inspire employees. Thus, companies have lost incalculable ideation, creativity, innovation – and profits.


Diversity cannot be more important today. Far too many companies still do not understand what it really means for profit, prosperity, attraction and more.

HR Risk

HR teams need more multi-expertise talent, not chatbot or dashboards to keep tabs of growing Legal/Ethical/Social concerns. A reimagination of HR is just under way.

HC Valuation

The reconceptualizing of the value of employees has already begun. For decades companies valued the employee incorrectly.

Talent Acquisition

SEC has begun requiring talent metrics reporting for disclosure staring in 2021. Public companies are scrambling to determine what to report and how to report it.

Talent Retention

The Multi-Generational workplace is the emerging dynamic, but companies are not ready. Employee engagement and satisfaction, key to employee retention, are at historic lows.

Learning & Development

Employee reskilling is now a major investment theme. The miscalculation of not reskilling has changed global dynamics. This is not just a company issue anymore, its tied to local, state and national economics and prosperity.

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