Today’s multi-generational workplace offers a promising future for workplace prosperity. However, many hurdles, such as discrimination, employee disengagement and disproportionate wages must be addressed now for a productive future of the American and global workplace.
CSR Leader Capabilities
Emotional Health * Ideation generation * Innovation and Creativity * Brave space * Reversing Ageist Culture * Smashing the Glass Ceiling * Leading By Listening * Unlearning * Critical Self-Reflection * Adult Learning * Emerging Leader Development
CQ/SQ/EQ * Higher Orders of Development * Experiential Learning * Constructive Development * Self Authoring Capabilities * Action Science * Active Learning * Developmental Feedback * Longitudinal Career Reflection * Reimaging Antiquated Processes * Acknowledge Truth


Oracle HRIS & Bullhorn ATS. LinkedIn & Indeed Sourcing. Outsource Compensation & Benefits. AI Chatbots. This tech, that tech, it can be mind-numbing. Yet, decades later and employee engagement is at historic lows. It’s time to get serious about technology and its place – the support role, not the marketed BS that’s made many in leadership think it will solve organizational engagement. 20 years of total tech focus this century and just look at candidate and employee experience today. Now, executive leadership tenure is the shortest ever and turnover is higher. Social tech marketing has fooled leaders for long enough.
Develop executive capability and presence to manage the new Multi-Gen workforce with a special focus on Gen Z is critical now. Your ability to lead your organization in engagement and happiness which turns into loyalty, innovation and creativity is paramount. World class research and academia point to this. And do-nothing leadership? Gen Z says: Your services are no longer needed.
Start developing new Leadership capabilities. Supercharge Candidate & Employee Experience. Build World Class Organizational DEI expertise. It’s time to put people back in the driver’s seat.
Could you and your team use some help? Invite me over and I’ll provide …

2019 Amazon Top 10 4X Best Seller List in Labor Economics & Organizational Gerontology:


Ageism in the Workplace


in Federal Education and Legislation


Labor & Employment Law


Business Health & Stress


in Social Policy

THE BRUTAL TRUTH: HOW AGEISM AND INCOME INEQUALITY ARE DESTROYING AMERICA There is a desperate need to save ourselves and generations that follow from the ongoing demise of the American workforce perpetrated by unmitigated greed, and the complete disregard for a dilemma facing millions of Americans right now. How Ageism & Wage Inequality Are Destroying Our Country 
is a groundbreaking book that dares to tell the truth about the plight of the American workforce as we enter 2019.

After 20+ years in talent acquisition and human capital management, author Vinay Singh has seen and heard it all. And, over the years, he has not liked what he’s seen:

This is what YOUR FUTURE IN PIECES. is all about. Singh brings his passion to the pages as he delves into the demise of the American Dream, underemployment, wage suppression, and age discrimination. Supported by facts and figures from leading media sources, Singh provides an eye-opening account of the current problems facing the future of the American workforce, and it isn’t a pretty picture. YOUR FUTURE IN PIECES. is a must-read for the 90% of Americans who deserve the opportunity to enjoy productive careers and retire comfortably with dignity. America was built on hard work and the opportunity to succeed. But as Singh points out, unless changes are made in the compensation structures as well as the hiring and firing mindset of today, most Americans will not have the chance to fulfill their goals and dreams.

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Vinay's One Way Ticket

The Age and Wage crisis in America led Vinay to write his first book, “Your Future in Pieces – The Brutal Truth: How Ageism And Income Inequality Are Destroying America.”

Your Future in Pieces

The Age and Wage crisis in America led Vinay to write his first book, “Your Future in Pieces – The Brutal Truth: How Ageism And Income Inequality Are Destroying America.”

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On this episode of Tip Not Included, Host Eric Levine welcomes back Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Vinay Singh to give us a candid view of the present and future job market

Unemployment and Income Inequality

Unemployment in America is headline news in the U.S. As high as it is, Vinay Singh has real concerns that the actual rate of unemployment is significantly under reported


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